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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2005|07:27 pm]
yoyoyo wuts up mah homie? pretty fun weekend id have to say... friday went 2 coaches corner then went to roberts frat party... wouldda been funner if we couldda stayed longer tho ;-) ha saturday woke up to sarah callin me wonderin where i was cuz it was 745 and i had SATs @ 8 but my fuckin alarm clock didnt go off... so ran 2 katies car and we started drivin... realized i didnt have my ticket to get in so i was like fuck it katie turn around... so we went to mcdonalds.. yummy... got home went back to bed... went 2 the bc football game @ 5 it was pretty lovely even tho we lost... went to kfc after with sarah travis n tristan.. then had a lovely night of party hoppin... sunday- had work... made sum mula woohoo! then went home... did nothin... drew picked me up and we went to the cow pasture for a lil bit... came home for the sunday family dinner woohoo then hung out with drew..

2day- had PSATs woo! i wish we could have those every day at skool haha... got out like 11:50.... went to the mall with steph sarah n kara... we had lovely lunch with shay, ky, josh, lindsey, helen, peg, murph, maddie, and mike scott... its his birthday.. so HAPPY 18TH BDAY MIKE! ha ur legal ut oh... neways then me n kara went on a cowboy boot expedition but it wasnt successful... so then me sarah n steph went to rugged warehouse... we all got sum lovely clothes.. then went 2 sonic n met up with mike again! woo then he dropped us off at stephs car and we headed home.. but he pulled up next to us at a red light and i was like WHERE R U GOIN? n he said BC so i ran outta stephs car and went to bc with him... ha... kara was just finishin her cross country meet when we got there.. WOO kara so then sullens took me home woo! fun day ha

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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2005|04:35 pm]
ello everyone!!!!!! i havent written in a while.. so ill update this weekend!

friday- skool.. blah sucked.. but we got out at 1215 yay! went back home and then kara picked me up... we went n got finny n sullens and went to the beach! it was fun! we met stepho there... then bout 430 or sumthin came back home... took a shower n got ready for the bc game... sullens n her rents picked me up and we drove out to south effingham... the game was good... i saw danielle and then travis, chris, dustin, and koby came.. they were fun. so afterwards i went with chris, sullens n travis back 2 bc... that was a fun ride... ha... then we all went 2 carey hillards then i went home @ 1230

saturday- woke up @ 10... steph picked me up.. we went to finnys and woke up dave! yay i hadnt seen him in forever! then me steph n finny went to the beach... lots of fun.. we went n ate @ sunrise n saw sullens... then met up with jared n megan... round 2 sullens picked me up and i went home n packed my bag.. tim brought me over to mary boykins and we left her house bout 345... we met bobby n lili off some exit and then we headed to statesboro woohoo! we chilled @ drew n bobbys apartment for a lil bit then got dressed and went over to the tailgatin place and met up with buff.. then went into the stadium for the game... then me lili bobby n mb went to chic-fil-a.. then to frankies..he was hilarious haha... then we went over 2 matts brothers apartment cuz they were havin a party... i "hung out with kevin" a lil bit ;-) and saw drew n matt n some other peeps... then headed back home.. got home @ 1245

sunday- woke up @ 7.. bobby picked me up and we headed to florida! haha it was a fun ride.. i was tired tho.. so we got to amiela island or sumthin like that... and we went to seahorse ranch or sumthin and got on horses and rode along the beach.. it was pretty fun only i got stuck in the front while bobby was in the back and could do wutever he wanted... u suck! ha jk... so then we left there and he let me drive yay! so we drove around then headed back to the SAV... picked up sullens and went to jalepenos.. cancun is so much better... then went home... went 2 cyo @ 5.. it was boring so we left and went to shays... then went home n bobby came over and we had a lil talk.. then he left n i went to bed soon after...
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2005|02:07 am]
hey yall!!!! im finally 16! my bday was yesterday so i guess i shall update from there...
thursday- woke up... got a card frum moomoo and my mother and time... got $20 from moomoo(shes givin me the other part of her present on sunday) and i got $100 from the rents... sullens picked me up... we picked up finny and a lil party in the car with donuts and _mocha starbucks stuff! and sullens wrote on the window i sit by "happy sweet 16th katie r" :-) got 2 skool.... finny made me leave me locker.... came back and sarah had put ballons on it :-) I LOVE U SARAH! haha and she made me cookies.... then classes... then lunch.. stephy brought cake and macaroni, sullens brought cheese dip n chips, n kara brought me a present.. sum lovely PAJAMA PANTS which i am wearing now :-) they are a LIL big tho... ha.. neways ,... after skool went 2 walmart and sonic then home... took shower.. went over to sullens and got ready to go eat... me, sullens, drew, my rents, and parker went to applebees... it was yummy... then went back 2 my house and i had to go on a scavenger hunt for drews present (he had come 2 my house earlier that day and left lil index cards all around my house which finally led me to under my bed) and he had a box with a note and $40 in it... yay! thanks drew! so then we hung out... and i went to bed around 12

friday-woke up.. took shower... got ready for skool.. it was picture day woohoo.. so no uniforms... after skool went over to karas where my mommy picked me up and we headed to augusta, GA... went by caggies once we got there... then we went over to my aunt n uncles house and saw the new baby... hes SO adorable... then my daddy picked me n parker up... we went home and i got to see meghan and lauren and shawn... all of which i hadnt seen in a long time cuz i hadnt been to my dads house since april.. yeah i know it had been forever..

*me and lauren*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2005|12:21 am]
hey yall! 2day was an excitin day i suppose...

starts off like every day... sullens picks me up and we get finny and kristen.. so we're drivin down cromwell goin 40 bout 2 start slowin down 2 turn on wil. island road when all the sudden sullens picks her feet up and screams. and theres a van infront of us and we're gettin close so im like katie put ur foot down! but she doesnt do anything.. so i say again... put ur fuckin foot down! but she continues screamin and we're gettin closer and closer to the van.. and me finny and kristen are all freakin out.. and i finally said KATIE PUT UR FUCKIN FOOT DOWN! and she did just in time.. so we're sittin thinkin "WHAT THE FUCK!" and sullens goes... "theres a spider on the air vent!" and we were like "are u fuckin kidding us... u dont put ur feet on ur seat just cuz of a fuckin spider we couldda ran into the back of that car" ... phew... so neways i go to skool... fell asleep in algebra.. then french and chemistry.. then lunch! then had govt... found out i got a 29 on the test (she hasnt graded the essay yet).. then go to history and take a test that i know i failed..then our drug class woohoo.. on the way home we were tryin 2 catch up 2 stephanie so kt was speedin a bit so we go to change lanes and katie puts her blinker on and everything and this fucker in a beat up truck switches lanes right as we're gettin over and we almost hit them and we were like ugh ever heard of a blinker??? so we get in the other lane and go up by them and its this black lady and she starts to yell sumthin so i just flick her off... ha.. natural reaction.. finny ends up givin me a five.. lol.. so then we're goin over the bypass by walmart and kts goin like 90 and this trailblaizer starts speedin up in the other lane and im like DONT LET THE FUCKER PASS hah. and kt was like "im not goin to!" so we get off and she comes speedin up and rolls her window.. turns out its a cop goin home or sumthin and she was like "you need to slow your ass down and watch how ur driving!" ahahahah so katie was like ok... and we kept on our merry way.. so yeah a great driving day today.. then i got home and bout 445 i passed out on my bed while attempting to read ethan frome and i woke up @ 11.. now im here!
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(no subject) [Sep. 11th, 2005|08:08 pm]

friday- went to skool...sucked... then went to richmond hill high skool with sarah to give travis his knee brace... chris came over.. lets just say he looks different clean than when hes dirty after a football game.. ha... futch came over as well.. then chris got me to move his car.. i was like wow ive met u once and u trust me with ur car haha.. so then we left and me n sarah went by target.. we went to her house and made signs for travis, chris and futch.. then went 2 the game.. we met up w/ josh at the game... hes so funny ha... then i remet tristan and we sat by them.. hes cool :-) .. i also met koby..towards the end of the game travis got a concusion (dunno how to spell) so he had to go to the ER but he's fine.. then tristan wanted us to go to his house cuz he was havin people over but everyone else wanted to go eat.. so since im not the driver i had no choice so we went 2 waffle house... (me, chris, josh, sarah, and koby.) futch and some other people were there to.. so then we had to leave so i rode back to the high skool with futch and he showed me the "roller coaster" in his truck.. its pretty fun... he pulls the seat back and then slams on breaks while holdin the handle and the seat goes flyin forwards.. i was laughin my ass off... ha.. so i ended up leavin my fone in his truck :-( went to sarahs n went to sleep

saturday- woke up went to karas, went to the mall, then went home and got ready for the bc game.. i met up with travis and tristan and smitty n stephy and shannon and other peeps were there.. it was fun.. so after we went to applebees (me, sarah, kara, smitty, shannon, tristan, and travis) .. then we took kara home and went to walmart.. oh what an adventure... then we all went in the parkin lot.. and sarah n travis got in her car (ut oh) ha jk... so me n tristan chilled in travis' car n listened to music and smitty n shannon got in her car... so then travis and tristan had to leave... and tristan had my fone... ha so we had to chase him down but they stopped and gave it back.. so then the girls went to sonic n ryan called me... which was weird cuz he hasnt called me in a while... ha.. then i spent the night @ smittys...

sunday- woke up... me smitty n shannon went to the mall.. i got a new shirt yay... then she took us home.. the whole way home we talked about cars we wanted and pointed to the ones we liked.. woo fun stuff haha.. i found out all of us really like trucks and jeeps.. so WOO.. those are 2 of the cars i want.. and i wanna corvette :-) they are hot.. lol

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2005|10:16 pm]
1. gum: big red
2. restaurant: carey hillards
3. drink: diet coke
4. season: summerrrrrr
5. type of weather: hot with a breeze
6. emotion: happieness
7. what to do on a half day: go 2 the beach and hang out with friends
9. sport: ummmmm football
10. city: savannah
11. store: aeropostale

_______When was the last time you_______

12. cried: hm it was a while ago :-)
13. played a sport: depends on what you think is a sport
14. laughed: just now
15. hugged someone: hmmm i think it was austin @ the beach
16. kissed someone: hm a week ago i think
17. felt depressed: a long time ago
18. felt overworked: neeever! i am invincable!
19. faked sick: i never fake.
20. lied: dont member

_______What was the last_______

21. word you said: no clue
22. thing you ate: a cheese sandwich
23. song you listened to: dunno the name of it
24. thing you drank: watttter
25. place you went to: walgreens
26. movie you saw: shrek 2... ha i babysat last night
27. movie you rented: little women

_______Who was the last person you_______

28. hugged: ugh u already asked me this.. but austin
29. cried over: no clue.. i havent in a while...
30. kissed: shay... hahaha
31. danced with: no clue
32. shared a secret with: ??
33. had a sleepover with: sarah, kara and stephanie! it was awesome!
34. called: my sister
35. went to a movie with: holy crap thats been sooooooo long.. i cant even remember
36. saw: my mom
37. were angry with: ?
38. couldn't take your eyes off of: hm... someone that i dont needta tell ha
39. obsessed over: no one really

_______Have you ever_______

40. danced in the rain: all the time!

41. kissed someone: yes
42. smoked: yes
43. drank alcohol: yes
46. gone too far on a dare: I guess the real question is: How far is too far?
47. spun until you were immensely dizzy: duh!
48. taken a survey quite like this before: yup

_______My life_______

49. name: katie
50. gender: giiirl
51. birthday: september 15, 1989
where did this question go?
53. nationality: irish american
54. occupation: student... waitress


55. i'm feeling: kinda tired
56. i'm listening to: the tv
57. i'm doing: this
58. i'm talking to: drew
59. i'm craving: fun
60. i'm thinking of: guys
61. i'm hating: no one :-)


62. love is: amazing
63. my first love: faded
64. my current love: hmm
65. love or lust: both
66. best love song: depends on the situation and who i'm thinking of
68. when love hurts: its hard
69. is there such thing as love at first sight: i dont believe so

_______Opposite sex_______

70. turn ons: nice body ;-) can make me laugh
71. turn offs: dunno
72. do your parent's opinion on your gf/bf matter to you?: it counts a lil bit
73. what kinda hairstyle are you into? depends on the guy
74. what is the sweetest thing a girl/guy can do for you? love me
75. where do you go to meet new people? i don't go looking...they come for me!
76. are you the type of person to HOLLa and ask for numbers? um...i give my number once in a great while, but there is no HOLLaing involved.

_______Picky picky_______

77. dog or cat: dogs.. im allergic to cats
78. short or long hair: longer
79. sunshine or rain: sunshine!
80. hugs or kisses: both...at the same time!
81. summer or winter: summer
82. written letters or e-mails: written letters
83. playstation or nintendo: nintendo 64, because i'm oldschool like that
84. car or motorcycle: car
85. house party or club: big house party
86. sing or dance: dance AND sing!
87. freak or slow dance: both


88. how are you today? im doin great!
89. what pants are you wearing right now? umm green shorts
90. what shirt are you wearing right now? a keywest shirt
91. what does your hair look like at the moment? down.. cuz i just dyed it and washed it
92. what song are you listening to right now? holiday- green day
93. how is the weather right now? dunno.. i aint outside
94. who was last person you talked to on the phone? my sister
95. whats the thing on your mind? food
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(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2005|01:22 pm]
thursday- blah skool.. sucked... ha.. afterwards went home n took a shower then katie picked me up and we went over to sarahs... then we headed to richmond hill woo. we went to the high skool and met up with travis and i met tristan and futch for the first time.. then we went 2 el patro with a bunch of people.. that was fun... met a guy named parker he was cool... thennn me travis n sarah went 2 walmart and we played around n bought sum stuff to make our shirts with then we went 2 pnubs(sarahs dad)... kara n steph came over and we began to make our awesome tshirts!! then at 1am we were like hey lets go get sum window paint.. so we went to walmart and each bought a color and we went n tagged smitty n davids cars... then we went home and did random shit until finally at like 4 we were like ok well i guess we should go to bed.. so me n kara fell asleep on sarahs bed

friday- SPIRIT DAY BABY!!!! so we got up got ready and went 2 mcdonalds! yummy... then we got to skool and spirit day was fun but not as much as last years... i just liked gettin to dress up ha.. so afterwards we went 2 bc and then me,sullens, n sarah went 2 statesboro to see drew bobby n buff.. it was awesome i cant wait to go up there for games n stuff.. so we hung around bobby n drews apartment til like 330 and then went home... then andrew robertson came over and randomly asked me to commissiong.. so i was like sure ha so WOO.. then we went n tagged stephanie and david barkers car.. and then i got andrews car so katie n sarah got it too.. ha.. then we went to davids house cuz he was havin a little party.. it was much fun :-) then went over 2 seans cuz he was havin a party... me n sullens spent the night at mary boykins house and bobby spent the night :) (hes mb's brother just in case ya didnt know) so me mb n bobby hung out downstairs for a bit but made sullens stay upstairs cuz she wasnt functioning too well.. ha.. then we went to bed
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2005|09:39 pm]
saturday-what a fun day ha... woke up @ 10 n went to the surf comp.. i got to see brad n austin so that was cool... then me haley smitty n sarah went to spankys.. yummmm... then i went home n matthew picked me up.. we went n suprised kara cuz matt was posed 2 be in athens still..so then we went back to matts... then me n kara went to lucys n sum peeps were there.. then we headed 2 michael scotts house.. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN@ hehe we hung out with kevin... alot of peeps came... sarah n travis came n brought josh.. hes pretty cool... so sullens had 2 go home n kara ended up goin home with matt... so round 1 or sumthin everyone left so me, mb, and lucy went to pancake palace.. then we went back and i fell asleep

today- woke up @ 7... had to drive karas car to the island. that was fun haha... dropped her car off at matts n sullens picked me up and we went to work.. didnt make that much money :-(... so then we stopped by bobbys house yay.. it was good seein him cuz i hadnt in a while.. then i got home and got ready 4 cyo.. wasnt that interesting..then sullens came over n we ate dinner and now im here!
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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2005|11:55 pm]
dude i updated written in FOREVER! sorry guys! ill just start with yesterday

thursday- skool... then called ryan and me, kara, n sarah headed up to richmond hill.. we made up a doodooballs song (its very good ha)so we met up with ryan at the Buckhead park.. then he took us to an awesome place.. the MINI GRAND CANYON!! it was like this HUGE ditch with mud n water in it.. ill take pics next time im there and put it on here... so me n kara decide to go venturing.. so we take our shoes n socks n skirts off and head in... the mud sank up like past ur knees... and we ended up gettin soakin wet.. it was great! so then we went to the RH jv game... we hung out with travis for like 10 mins then left... sarah took me home and i fell asleep @ 8

today- woke up went to skool.. it went by pretty fast so that was cool.. um went home and shaved n took a shower... katie n her mom picked me up then we went n got MB then headed to the bc game @ groves.. it was pretty exciting i suppose... saw sum peeps i hadnt seen in a while.. so after that me, sullens, mb, katie olsen, sarah olsen, saul, nick, casey, jimmy & colin all pilled in the car HA that was funnyyyyy.. so then we took every1 home and me,sullens,mb, n saul went thru sonic n he dropped me off n now im here AND I CANT WAIT TIL TOMORROW! :-)
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2005|05:35 pm]
[mood |moodymoody]

ugh i just got off the phone with my dad... i havent talked to him in a while...i told him i was gunna try to come up there next weekend.. cuz i havent been since april :-( yeah i know its been along time.. laurens first birthday is this weekend so shell b 1 yay.. so then he was like yeah katie u need to come up here... and i was like i know im tryin to its just hard.. and he was like "u need to come atleast one weekend" and i was like im sry im gunna try... and he like made me feel really bad as if i didnt wanna go there or sumthing..but he doesnt understand.. i wanna go there so bad... ive just got so much going on... ive wanted to go there all summer but havent had the chance.. and it sucks i know. i miss them so much.. and i talked to meghan today (lil 6 yr old sis) and she was like "katie.. when r u coming back.. i miss you" and i hate not being able to see them as much as i want to but its hard...
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